Silicon DFx, Inc.
Your ASIC Test Solution Partner

Silicon DFx is your partner for JTAG production and manufacturing support.  We provide a robust suite of JTAG Interface solutions ready for your characterization and production needs.

We have worked over the years on multiple SoC projects with specialized JTAG embedded instrumentation that require complex processing to support these functions.  We have developed a unique flow and the hardware support that allows the quick characterization of these complex functions and support them through the manufacturing process no matter how sophisticated the algorithms are.  Our daughter card can support substantially more complex tasks than what a tester can do.

In our engagement with our clients we typically work on the development of a PC based characterization solution.  This same solution can be custom tailored to the production tests and validated.  This final algorithm is then embedded into our JTAG Daughter Card that can be used in production.  Our card can support complex interfaces to the tester as well as simple Go/No-Go indications.

Production JTAG Daughter Card Block Diagram

For more information, send us a request on our Contact Us page, or call (781) 791-3534

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