Silicon DFx, Inc.
Your ASIC Test Solution Partner
Consulting Services
Silicon DFx is dedicated to helping its customers with thier ASIC productization and testing needs. Utilizing our expertise in state-of-the-art SoC testing, with a seasoned staff that has successfully taken tens of ASIC projects from test definition specification to full production.

We have worked over the years on multiple projects in multiple markets. Are familiar with most of the commercially available DFT tools, SoC testing methodologies, Yield Enhancement Methodologies & Tools.

In our engagement with our clients we typically provide them with all the necessary engineering services to complete their Design For Test project. Starting from a system specification document, we can document test needs, update the design for testability features, insert test circuits and generate the production test programs.

We can perform the following Design For Test Tasks:
  • At-Speed Memory BIST w/wo Repair
  • Scan Compression Insertion
  • Logic BIST Insertion
  • Low Power ATPG Generation for Small Delay Defect Detection
  • Low Power ATPG Generation for Bridging Faults
  • Power Rail Integrity Measurements
  • JTAG 1149.1 and AC-JTAG 1149.6 Insertion
  • DDR RAM Interface Testing
  • PLLs & DLLs Testing
  • SerDes Loop Back Testing
  • Soft Error Evaluation and Mitigation
  • Custom JTAG ID, Serial Numbers and On-Chip Data Logging
We can perform the following Design for Debug Tasks:
  • Memory BIST Failure Diagnostics
  • Logic BIST & At-Speed Scan Test Failure Analysis
  • Loop Back tests of SerDes Debug
  • PLL & DLL Integrity Characterization
  • Power Rail Integrity Tests
We can design and support the following Design For Diagnostics Features:
  • Generate Diagnostics Plan
  • Write Power On Self Test (POST) Firmware
  • In-System Memory BIST tests
  • In-System Logic BIST test
  • In-System Loop Back tests of SerDes Interfaces
  • In-System PLL & DLL tests
  • In-System Power Rail Integrity Tests
  • Test automation for automatic regression tests
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